How Can I Maximise Space in My Home?

How Can I Maximise Space in My Home

Clever Storage Solutions

Making the most of the space you have is an important part of enjoying your home. Even in a small property you can find all the space you need if you think cleverly about storage that can maximise the space in your home. If you are building an extension or renovating your property it is a good time to think about making the most of the space you have, but even if you aren’t doing any building work you can revitalise a room by considering the cheap, easy to incorporate, storage solutions on the market.

Bathroom Storage Solutions

Bathroom storage is particularly important especially when considering building a new bathroom or en suite, you want to maximise the space you use for your shower and bath, but obviously in a bathroom you still need space for your toiletries. Too easily bathroom products, towels, toothbrushes and medicines can clutter up your bathroom, marring its aesthetic appeal as a place of relaxation and tranquility.

What wall fixtures should I consider to minimise bathroom clutter?

Adding a few fixtures to the wall is a great way allowing yourself more space elsewhere. Why not consider another towel rail or hooks attached to the wall, this will increase the space they have to dry, especially important in a busy family where several towels are in use at one time. Wall fixtures can also easily be fitted above the wash basin to hold toothbrushes and toothpaste, helping to keep your bathroom clear and clutter-free. Shelves above the bath or in the shower also reduce the amount of storage you need in the bathroom by providing easy, accessible space to store your shampoos and soaps.

What should I consider when buying a bathroom cabinet?

Bathroom cabinets are a useful place to store toiletries and medicines out of sight, keeping your bathroom clutter free. If you are using it to store medicines then you should make sure that it is out of reach of children. Remember that the bathroom is a damp room even with good ventilation so choose a cabinet that is well-made and durable that won’t get damaged by moisture. What doors (if any) you choose for your bathroom cabinet will depend on your taste but in smaller bathrooms consider a glass or mirror front that will reflect light.

How can I find storage space in a very small bathroom or en suite?

Even small bathrooms and en suites need some storage space in them, using the space below the sink to build a cupboard is a good way of making use of otherwise wasted space. You could also build a unit above the toilet. When buying storage, cabinets and shelving think wisely about the space available, even small bathrooms can benefit from narrow storage units along the wall that don’t take up too much space but will make the bathroom appear bigger by keeping it minimalist and clear of clutter.

Bedroom Storage Solutions

The bedroom is not only the place that we store our clothes and personal belongings in, for many of us it can also be home to books, CDs and DVDs, personal documents and odds and ends that don’t fit around the house. Particularly in children’s bedrooms storage is important so that they have space to neatly pack away their toys and games. Make the most of the space you have in your home with clever storage solutions that will maximise space in even the smallest of rooms.

What type of wardrobe is most space efficient?

Every bedroom needs a wardrobe, and many of us have accumulated large amounts of old clothes and shoes over the years, so it is crucial to choose a wardrobe that is space efficient. Fitted wardrobes are usually more space efficient than free-standing wardrobes because they can be built floor to ceiling and don’t waste space. Fitted wardrobes are best designed to suit your clothes needs and they can combine hanging and shelving space. Having a range of hanging space, for example a full-length section for coats and dresses, and then another section with hanging space vertically divided with one above the other, gives you a lot more room to hang your clothes. Shallow drawers and shelves are more effective than deep drawers because clothes are easier to get to, but if you can’t avoid deep shelves then make sure you organise your clothes so that rarely-used items are at the back. Using clear plastic boxes is a good way of getting organised and making the most of space within your cupboard.

How can I make the most of space in a small or uncommonly shaped bedroom?

A loft conversion or particularly small bedroom can present space issues if it is oddly shaped or has a slanted ceiling. Using built in storage can customise storage solutions to suit the space available and shape of the room, alcoves and corners in a loft conversion can provide space for cupboards and shelving units or you could consider a low bed or futon to sleep on in areas where head space is limited. In smaller rooms consider a cabin bed that could provide much needed storage in rooms were space is scarce.

What other things should I consider when designing my bedroom?

When you are designing and furnishing your bedroom you should think carefully about what you need in your bedroom and how often things are used, where possible combine functions in furniture, for example a storage unit that has a desk combined, or a cabin bed that provides extra storage. Beneath the bed is a great space for bulkier items and using wheeled boxes can make this area easy to access and protect the contents. Of course one of the most effective solutions to space problems is to de-clutter, where you don’t want to throw away old clothes you could still pack them away at the back or top of your wardrobe if you don’t need access to them every day.

Living Room Storage Solutions

Clutter in the lounge can look messy and untidy in a room that is often used as the principle room for entertaining. Storage is something that is often neglected in living rooms, leaving CDs, DVDs, Books and Magazines to gather dust and fill up the coffee and side tables. Investing in shelves or a cabinet will give you the storage you need and help keep your living room tidy.

Open book shelves or closed cupboards?

Whether or not you opt for an open book shelf or a closed cupboard in your living room is really down to personal preference. Open shelves can allow the books to be seen and become part of the feel of the room, but shutting them away can keep the room more minimalistic. If the living room is smaller then a closed cupboard is more likely to keep the room feeling light, airy and clutter-free.

What storage solutions can be used in a small living room?

If space is an issue in your living room but you need a lot of storage space then you should consider floor-to-ceiling storage that can offer you the maximise amount of storage space. The cupboard doors can even be painted the same colour as the room to stop the storage intruding in the room and making it appear bigger. If you don’t need as much storage but could benefit from some, then incorporating bench-height shelving will give you space to store away items without it overpowering the rest of the room.

What about if I need to store more than just books and DVDs in my living room?

Often the living room is more than just a one-purpose room, for many of us it also doubles up as a study or a playroom for the kids. In these circumstances clever storage space means that when you want your living room to just be a living room you can transform it into a clean and clear space. A workspace can easily be built into a cupboard with a door or pull-down screen, so that your computer and documents can be shut away out of sight when not in use. For children’s toys consider large wicker baskets or trunks that are spacious and easy to quickly pack away things, transforming the room into an aesthetically pleasing adult space.

Storage is something that should not be neglected when designing your perfect bedroom, bathroom or living room. Although a design may look good on paper, in every day life we need space to keep our belongings, so making sure you have effective, easy to access storage is a crucial part of keeping your home looking good. In smaller rooms, thinking cleverly about the space you have available will make sure that size isn’t a limitation.