How to move an office


Commercial moves can be a difficult process if the move is not supervised correctly. Supervision is the most important part of a commercial or office move. These kinds of moves is where a removals makes out the best. I have known many removal companies that would have one good supervisor, 10 temporary helpers (helpers with no experience in moving), and 1 or 2 experienced men to move very large corporate offices, with no troubles what so ever because it was supervised properly. If you would like to save yourself or your business a lot of money, follow the guidelines I am about to give you and you could be the supervisor to do the job yourself and its really not that difficult. The following guidelines are suggested only if your commercial move is local. If the move is long distance I would suggest going to our selecting a removals page.

Depending on how large your office is will depend on the quantity of what your going to need to rent. You should be able to use your better judgment. The guidelines listed here will be considered for a very large office.

Let’s start with the rentals that you are going to need: 1) Two or three 24ft. straight trucks. 2) Twenty to thirty 4-wheel dollies. 3) One or two 2-wheel dollies. 4) Eight to ten helpers, they can be supplied by your local temporary agency. Most agencies pre-screen their employees and may be supplied for about £8-£10 per hour per man, you will need to supervise them. 5) If you have many computers to move you should rent machine carts. You will be able to place 4-5 computer systems on one and wheel the entire cart on the truck. 6) It would be a good idea to hire at least one experienced man to load the truck. You could get one from your local removals for around £17-£25 per hour. Tell the company you will need the man to be well experienced in loading a truck. Go to our supervising commercial moves page for guidelines on how to supervise the move.


Two-wheel dollies are necessary in office moves in order to move the heavier bulky items such as file cabinets.

Four-wheel dollies are one of the most used tools when performing a commercial office move. They are used for loading up boxes, moving desks, file cabinets, and almost anything else in a commercial office move.