Information on Third-Party Services

removals (Large)

Third-party services are an important part of moving with professional house removal companies. Quite simply what they do are the things that the removals don’t do, such as disconnecting and connecting things like washers, dryers, and ice makers. These type of things moving companies don’t want to be responsible for the liability if their men were to not connect something up properly, therefore causing water damage by flooding, leaking, etc. Other types of household belongings would include servicing grandfather clocks, children’s swing sets, pool tables, crating of X-large pictures or mirrors, taking down chandeliers, GermanĀ  shrunks, or anything else along these lines. The main reason for this is that the crew members of the removals either don’t have the experience or time and don’t want to be responsible for these things during the moving process.

Third-party crews are very well rounded in just about all aspects with things of this sort. Most of them are extra careful while performing their services, after all they become liable for all services they perform. Their services can also be quite costly sometimes. Make sure that you go over with your moving consultant about the things a third-party service will have to do so you know up front what all charges will be. You also have the option of doing any of these things yourself to save you the costs of a third-party, so long as you know what they are and have them done by moving day.