Loading the Moving Van


If you have decided to move yourself than you will need to rent a moving van, unless you already have one. If not than you can contact a van rental facility such as U-Haul, etc. You are also going to need some furniture pads in order to protect your furniture. These can usually be rented along with the moving van for an extra fee, or you could just as easily use some old blankets that you may have. Also see about renting a two-wheel dolly for the heavier pieces, it will make your job a lot easier. You can also hire men from local moving companies to load or unload your van for you. Companies usually charge anywhere between £15-£25 per hour per man, but be aware when you just hire men like that your furniture is not insured by that company. Also during busy times the company may try to pawn off a temporary worker on you, which is not good because they are not experienced and can cause damage. Make sure you tell them on the phone that you want good experienced men, no temporaries!!!

If you decide to load the van yourself the simple rule of thumb is load your moving van like a puzzle and the furniture is the pieces. Wrap all wood and scratch able pieces with a pad or blanket. Put the heaviest pieces on the bottom and build your puzzle to the top with the lighter ones. Making sure everything is loaded tightly in the moving van. If needed fill in holes with pads or blankets so nothing can shift around in the back as your driving. Movement in the back causes damage. When done loading, be sure you tie the back of the load off with straps or heavy-duty rope so nothing shifts back. If these guidelines are followed you should have a damage free move. Good luck!!!