How to Carry Out a House Clearance in Camden without Going Broke


Is your home in Camden in desperate need of some decluttering? Are you worried that a good house clearance service will cost you too much money? Is you tight budget preventing you from freeing up space at home and is clutter making your life miserable? No need to fret – if you follow these few tips, you will be able to clear away your clutter without going broke. Here’s what you should do:

Research Your Options Well

If you check just one or two house clearance companies, chances are you will get the impression that such services in Camden cost an arm and a leg. If, however, you do a more thorough research, you will find that there are many affordable options as well as many deals and discounts you could take advantage of to make the service a bit more affordable. Just make sure you steer clear of dirt-cheap services and suspiciously low-priced deals, as there are also rogue companies out there that may try to cheat you out of your money and may provide a substandard service or none at all. Do background checks on all companies you are considering to be sure they won’t scam you.

Choose a Cost-Effective House Clearance Service

The emphasis here is on ‘cost-effective’. That doesn’t mean the cheapest house clearance service out there, but one that provides good value for money. The extra few pounds you spend on a reliable service in Camden will be well worth it, as that will guarantee the safety of your belongings, home and family. Also, you can easily compensate for the slightly higher price of a trustworthy domestic clearance company by getting a bit of money back from your junk items, as you’ll see a bit later. Your chosen service provider should strike a good balance between high quality of service and affordable rates. Better companies also offer customisable services, which could help you save even more by trimming out the services you don’t require and only paying for the ones you can’t do without.

Do Part of the Work Yourself or with the Help of Your Family

You can minimise the total cost of your house clearance in Camden by doing some of the work necessary yourself or with the help of friends and family. For instance, you can declutter the house and sort the waste into piles so that, when the collectors arrive to take it away, they won’t have to do anything else but load in onto their vehicles. This will make the job faster and as a result, the price will be lower too.

Getting Money Back from Your Waste

If you want to lower your spending and make the house clearance Camden a bit more affordable, there are a number of ways to get some of the funds you spent on professional services back by selling off some of the old items you found at your Camden home. Here are a few of them:

  • Garage saleOrganising a garage or yard sale will allow you to sell off some of the items that are still in good condition and get some ready cash back. Advertise your sale in your neighbourhood and invite your Camden neighbours to take a look at your stuff and find something they like.
  • Sell online – Selling the items that still have some useful life in them online is another viable option for making money out of your house clearance. You can use one of the specialised platforms for selling second-hand objects or sites like eBay, etc.
  • Flea market – The local flea market is another venue you could use to your advantage. Check when such flea markets are held in Camden or in the vicinity and take your stuff there to sell it to anyone who’s willing to buy it.
  • Selling antiques and valuables – If, while you are decluttering your home, you find any valuable or antique item that you are willing to part with, you may be able to get a fair profit out of it. Contact an antique dealer to assess the item’s value and then you can either put it up for sale online or sell it to an antique shop.

With these few tips in hand and armed with some patience, you will be able to bring the total cost of your house clearance in Camden down and even get some cash back from it. Take your time, do some research and play your cards well – your budget will certainly thank you for it.